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Go-Live: 26th February

Today, after a good few hours of faffing, I finally made my blog public. I don’t really expect much traffic beyond my friends and family, but I wanted my own little space for witterings about teaching, about Berlin, and about … Continue reading

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My first actual resource idea – maybe I can be creative after all…

At the time of writing, I have just under five weeks left in my job as a Digital Product Manager for Routledge academic publishing house (which I love). I liftshare to work with a very good friend called Mel, who, … Continue reading

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Through, though, thorough… Pronunciation problems

Today I realised, whilst skipping between numerous ELT websites, blogs and tweets (as per usual at the moment!), that I will probably benefit from a far greater knowledge of the International Phonetic Alphabet than I currently possess, in order to … Continue reading

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Renaming my blog: why BerLingo?

Today I have ummed and aahed at great length regarding how best to rename my blog. I set it up on a bit of a whim on my phone one day over Christmas 2014, on a trip down to Devon, … Continue reading

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Being psychoanalysed… To the T! My first ever MBTI test.

On Friday, I enjoyed a fairly rare day out of the office for a team away day. The point of the day was for my team, the Digital Publishing and Development team, to better understand itself, as well as learning … Continue reading

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You can’t help everyone…

Tonight I had my first slightly sad moment in what has otherwise been an incredibly exciting and fascinating foray into the world of ELT. I had received a lot of emails via the Blabmate platform from a girl called Viki … Continue reading

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My first ever online lesson

On Friday, I gave my first ever English language lesson online. I met my student through the platform Blabmate, which I recently stumbled upon, and he seemed very keen. We emailed back and forth a bit, and agreed to set … Continue reading

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A little bit of online learning

Today, Tuesday 3rd February, I engaged in a webinar. I mean, I didn’t just sit and take notes to pass round colleagues at work (who inevitably would skim over them and file them away under ‘Useful’ in their Outlook systems), … Continue reading

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New page on my (currently still private!) blog

I recently bought a new laptop for my forthcoming German adventure (a Lenovo Yoga 2 in 11.6 inches, if you’re interested) and, in attempting to move the numerous bookmarks from Google Chrome on my work laptop to my new laptop, … Continue reading

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