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Bye bye Berlingo.

After being overwhelmed by the kind comments and tweets I received on and about my last post, I have decided that I love writing too much to stop blogging just because I no longer teach English in Berlin. Thank you … Continue reading

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To Berlingo or not to Berlingo?

I feel I owe this blog a short explanation. I know I wrote a lot about my big life switch in my previous post, but still, I feel the need to scribble something else. Since 2015 turned into 2016, I … Continue reading

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30 questions to ask yourself about 2015

Earlier today, I found Sandy Millin’s blog post posing a list of 30 questions to herself to sum up her 2015, and I thought the idea was so fitting to what has been a crazy year for me, that I … Continue reading

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Diary of a newbie teacher: Part One

Some tips for surviving the first month I’ve now been teaching in my school in Berlin for just over a month, which is still rather unbelievable to me! Although I’ve not been teaching for long, I have already taught a … Continue reading

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The power of the PLN…and how it can bring exciting opportunities!

I haven’t blogged in a while, because my new job at a big language school here in Berlin has been taking it out of me this week, as I also packed in two interviews, a visit from two friends and even … Continue reading

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My first officially published blog post

Thanks to the very kind and incredibly multi-talented Alastair Horne at Cambridge University Press, with whom I attended (and tweeted!) many an academic publishing conference, I am very happy to introduce my first ever published blog post: bit.ly/racheldaw It’s a … Continue reading

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Renaming my blog: why BerLingo?

Today I have ummed and aahed at great length regarding how best to rename my blog. I set it up on a bit of a whim on my phone one day over Christmas 2014, on a trip down to Devon, … Continue reading

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My first ever online lesson

On Friday, I gave my first ever English language lesson online. I met my student through the platform Blabmate, which I recently stumbled upon, and he seemed very keen. We emailed back and forth a bit, and agreed to set … Continue reading

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A little bit of online learning

Today, Tuesday 3rd February, I engaged in a webinar. I mean, I didn’t just sit and take notes to pass round colleagues at work (who inevitably would skim over them and file them away under ‘Useful’ in their Outlook systems), … Continue reading

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New page on my (currently still private!) blog

I recently bought a new laptop for my forthcoming German adventure (a Lenovo Yoga 2 in 11.6 inches, if you’re interested) and, in attempting to move the numerous bookmarks from Google Chrome on my work laptop to my new laptop, … Continue reading

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