My first actual resource idea – maybe I can be creative after all…

At the time of writing, I have just under five weeks left in my job as a Digital Product Manager for Routledge academic publishing house (which I love). I liftshare to work with a very good friend called Mel, who, somewhat bizarrely, I went to junior and secondary school with, but then lost touch with. We learnt in the middle of 2013 that we work at the same company – although she works in the ‘Journals’ business and I in the ‘Books’ part of our parent company, Taylor and Francis – and she has been driving me to work since last year šŸ™‚

We have lots of chats about work, play and our plans for the weekend, as you would expect. But the other day I actually had a productive teaching idea related to something Mel was telling me about. She was recounting the details of her day; half of which she had spent in a department-wide meeting, in which there were little team-building exercises. For one of those exercises, sheĀ said they had to work in small groupsĀ to prioritise a list of items they’d need if they crashed on the moon, as per the instructions below:

Man on the moon

Man on the moon

You are a member of a space crew originally scheduled to rendezvous with mother ship on the lighted surface of the moon. However, due to mechanicalĀ difficulties, your ship was forced to land at a spot some 200 miles from theĀ rendezvous point. During reentry and landing, much of the equipment aboard
was damaged and, since survival depends on reaching the mother ship, theĀ most critical items available must be chosen for the 200-mile trip. Below areĀ listed the 15 items left intact and undamaged after landing. Your task is toĀ rank order them in terms of their importance for your crew in allowing them
to reach the rendezvous point. Place the number 1 by the most important item,Ā the number 2 by the second most important, and so on through number 15 forĀ the least important.

Although it’s hardly my own innovation, it wasĀ still the first time I had actually come up with a teaching resource idea, so this was quite a breakthrough for me. It would have to be adapted considerably, even for higher-level learners, but I still think it would be quite a good discussion point.

And if anyone is interested, that resource itself is saved here.

In Googling this before Mel sent the original onto me, I also found this NASA learners’ website which has a similar activity.

About BerLingo

My name is Rachel, I am 25 and I love Germany. I studied German, Spanish and Italian at Durham University for four years, one of which I spent living in Europe, and then worked at Routledge academic publishing house for almost 3 years. Towards the end of 2014, I decided it was time to finally fulfil a long-held ambition to live in Berlin, and so in April 2015 I completed the CELTA qualification (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults, adminstered by Cambridge University) here in the German capital. Now qualified, my blog charts my experiences as a new English teacher in my favourite city... (More information about my plans can be found in my first ever blog post.)
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2 Responses to My first actual resource idea – maybe I can be creative after all…

  1. Sandy Millin says:

    This is a great alternative to the desert island scenario. In Company Upper Intermediate (a business text book) has a version of it where you’re stuck in a lift with a couple of other people and need to stay sane. Welcome to the joys of teaching creativity – you know you’ll never be able to switch it off now, right?!


    • BerLingo says:

      Somebody else said the same thing to me – that you start to take a teacher’s approach to everything! I suppose that’s no bad thing though – hopefully it’ll help me come up with some vaguely fun activities for my TPs šŸ™‚


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