Fun in the Hauptstadt

These are all links containing suggestions on how to make the most of living in Berlin – in my opinion, the best city there is 🙂

Slow Travel Berlin 

The hyperlink above will actually take you to a particularly quirky page on this site; that is, a list of various maps showing where various types of food can be found close to U-Bahn (underground) stations in Berlin. But the site as a whole is just fantastic, and I could never describe it as well as it describes itself, so here you go:

Slow Travel Berlin was founded in January 2010 by British guidebook author, travel journalist and photographer Paul Sullivan. The aim is to establish a repository of eclectic information about the city from a range of perspectives to encourage deeper, more varied exploration and promotion of small, locally-minded businesses and services.

There is also a fantastic Twitter feed, @slowberlin, which is regularly updated with slightly off-the-beaten track tips about the wonderful city. (I am also grateful to the owners for retweeting some of my desperate pleas for flatshares as I was first hunting!)

Tumblrs of Berlin

Not at all useful, actually, but an amusing collation of Tumblrs charting various aspects of Berlin, both in the present day and historically. If you enjoy scrolling through pictures of various Berlin U-Bahn stations, or pictures of dogs waiting for their owners to return, then this is the place to come and procrastinate.


A blog written by a British couple who moved out to Berlin and do all sorts of cool, very Berlin-esque (in my opinion) freelancey things. They also have a great list of things to do in the capital, as well as general expat advice – written from a very British perspective.

Berlin Language Workers (GAS)
I found this Facebook page and associated website by stumbling upon the Twitter account of Paul Walsh (@josipa74) on Twitter, who administers the Facebook page. It is a  grassroots association dedicated to improving working conditions for language workers in Berlin and I look forward to getting involved with their ‘Lesson Jams’ and other events.

Markthalle Neun 

I have yet to fully discover what sounds like an absolute gem, but this market brings together some highlights from the little individual shops and kiosks which make Berlin Berlin 🙂 Three times a year there a special ‘sweet’ market event, which I can’t wait to attend on the 7th June!

10 reasons to love Germany 

I realise this isn’t specifically related to Berlin, but I thought it was such a great article from my old university favourite, Third Year that I wanted to share it. I also shared a little writing piece from one of my C1-level students about the magic of Berlin on my blog.

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