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Because, unfortunately, life can’t always be fun and games – not even in Berlin!

These are all links about paperwork, flat-hunting, and all the general bits of life faffery that you need to bear in mind when living in, or moving to Berlin.

Finding a flat in Berlin: a blog post by Jon Worth 

What Jon Worth doesn’t include in this post about wading through the quagmire of having to find a flat in Berlin – be that sub-letting, renting or even buying – isn’t worth knowing. He was so useful. Please read before embarking on any crazy quests like I did! Copying his contents page alone will give you an idea of how comprehensive this resource is:

1. Introduction
2. Mieten or untermieten, or a WG (Wohngemeinschaft)
3. Prerequisites for renting a flat
4. Searching for a flat – criteria
5. Searching for a flat – location
6. Searching for a flat – websites
7. Flat visits
8. Making an offer
9. Payments
10. Moving in, and afterwards
11. My own story

All about Anmeldung – how to register

This page is entitled ’11 things you need to know about Anmeldung’, which is the process by which you register as a citizen of the city, if you intend to stay for longer than three months. It pretty much does what it says on the tin, and they have even kindly translated the registration form for anyone who doesn’t speak Deutsch.

Subletting in Berlin

A blog post discussing all the multi-faceted things to consider when looking to sub-let in Berlin (as I was, and as I now plan to do!)

Teaching English in Berlin – a blog

The title of this blog is exactly what I would like to do (/will be doing/will have done, depending on when you read this!), so naturally I was hooked instantly. Written by a guy called David from the UK, it contains a mixture of practical information about finding a flat, settling and registering in the capital, as well as some great suggestions for English lessons. So this blog may appear in lists I’m maintaining elsewhere, but he writes in the kind of concise manner I can only dream of, and has always been very helpful to respond to my blog comments, which I always admire in bloggers.

Berlin for all the family

I know that I don’t have a family here in Berlin, and (some say) I have been a terrible girlfriend in flitting across to Germany and leaving my boyfriend behind to pursue a great career in IT back in England, BUT this blog still has a tonne of great resources about the capital. The family in question is British, so again, a wonderfully British perspective on life in the Hauptstadt. And anyway, quite often, family-friendly suggestions are synonymous with relaxing, chilled-out activities, so this blog is definitely worth a look for something different.

Why should you teach in Berlin? 

An article explicating exactly that ^ !


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