To continue my trend of making terrible puns using the word ‘Berlin,’ I have titled this page ‘Berl/Info‘ (as the publishing person within me was offended by the lower case ‘l’ next to the upper case ‘I’ in my original ‘BerlInfo’). The aim of this page is to share some of the useful links I have stumbled across when getting over-excited and researching various aspects of life in Berlin  (normally done when I should have been doing other things!)

As my ‘Berlin’ category of Bookmarks in Chrome had become pretty long by the time I left my job and my work computer behind, I have decided to separate the mish-mash out into:

General fun in the Haupstadt: information about bars, theatres, food events going on in the German capital

Life admin and slightly less entertaining things: this catchy (!) title encapsulates links to blogs and websites which have helped me navigate the confusing waters of German bureaucracy, including flat hunting and learning how to officially become a Berliner.

And again, like with all my sections on ELT, I will endeavour to add a little explanatory line to each link to explain how I found it helpful.

Let me know what you think, or if you have any suggestions for additions 🙂

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