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CELTA Teaching Practice: some tips

I apologise to people not interested in the English Language teaching side to this blog because it will probably just be gobbledegook to you! But, for anyone currently on a CELTA, or considering doing one of these wonderful courses, I … Continue reading

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10 things I have learnt from Jeff Mohamed’s ‘Grammar Development Course’

I am due to start my Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) on April 13th and, like the ├╝ber-keen and uncool language student┬áthat I am, I have been trying to be conscientious and prepare myself for it in … Continue reading

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Discovering #ELTchat

[writing commenced in mid-February] I recently signed myself up for a TweetDeck account, which allows you to have multiple columns of Twitter chats open. I did this because I had been spending lots of time perusing what appeared to be … Continue reading

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Renaming my blog: why BerLingo?

Today I have ummed and aahed at great length regarding how best to rename my blog. I set it up on a bit of a whim on my phone one day over Christmas 2014, on a trip down to Devon, … Continue reading

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You can’t help everyone…

Tonight I had my first slightly sad moment in what has otherwise been an incredibly exciting and fascinating foray into the world of ELT. I had received a lot of emails via the Blabmate platform from a girl called Viki … Continue reading

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My first ever online lesson

On Friday, I gave my first ever English language lesson online. I met my student through the platform Blabmate, which I recently stumbled upon, and he seemed very keen. We emailed back and forth a bit, and agreed to set … Continue reading

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A little bit of online learning

Today, Tuesday 3rd February, I engaged in a webinar. I mean, I didn’t just sit and take notes to pass round colleagues at work (who inevitably would skim over them and file them away under ‘Useful’ in their Outlook systems), … Continue reading

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Understanding what I’ve let myself in for…

Today, I stumbled upon this wonderful little web series called the ‘CELTA diaries‘, which are a collection of short 3-5 minute videos put together by International House language school in Belfast. They chart the progress of two students taking the … Continue reading

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50 things I learnt from my first ELT book

I have just finished reading my first book about English Language Teaching (ELT), which was ‘Teach EFL’ from the Teach Yourself series by David Riddell. (The hyperlink points to a far shinier version than the one I bought second-hand from … Continue reading

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My blogging plans

I have already bought three of my favourite notepads for taking notes throughout the course. But something I have always struggled with is summarising, so I am hoping to use my blog to summarise the key points of each teaching … Continue reading

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